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A desk setup with a laptop, a coffee cup with latte art, a small plant, and notebooks. Text on the right reads "Avoiding the Feature Creep"

How to Avoid the Feature Creep

Feature creep, the insidious phenomenon where a product’s functionality expands uncontrollably, often transforms promising projects into unwieldy, confusing nightmares for

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A Complete Guide To New Digital Product Development

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About me:

Product Management Freelancer and Consultant

My name is Desy Paunova. I can help you deliver better digital products that will differentiate you on the market and add value to your company. From product discovery and strategic planning, to managing delivery and iterations, I can support you and your team throughout your journey to success. You can hire me either as a freelancer to be part of your current product team ,or as a professional that will consult you on various product-related cases.

My expertise include thorough knowledge of the following areas:

>> Product lifecycle management from idea generation and concept to final product.

>> Defining product vision, setting business goals and developing comprehensive product roadmaps.

>> Analyzing business landscape to set successful Go-to-market strategy.

>> Strategic analysis of the market.

>> Creating product growth and marketing plans.

>> Agile proccess management.

Desy Paunova - blog author and product management professional

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