A Complete Guide To New Digital Product Development

Many people feel perplexed when it comes to developing a new digital product. There is often uncertainty if they`re doing it right and a fear of not missing out on something important along the way that will potentially result in inefficiencies and additional costs for the organization. Others wonder what is the right formula for creating a successful digital product that sells, without investing too many unnecessary resources and overdoing it, while at the same time, the product delivered is viable and likable on the market. For sure, there is no single recipe for what exactly the process of new product development should look like for all digital products, as it all boils down to its type, target audience, development methodology, business objectives, and others. In this guide, however, I`ve comprised 13 practical steps to follow regardless of the other factors that are present in your organization. Depending on your case, you can choose to move quickly through some of them but also dig deeper into others. Whatever it will be and your framework is, make sure to consider all of them before developing and launching your digital product on the market!  

In this step-to-step guide, you will: 


  • Learn what is the process of developing a new digital product from the initial concept to commercialization

  • Find out how to implement proven, success-oriented, and highly-effective product development strategies

  • Learn how to generate viable ideas

  • Learn how to conduct proper market research and analysis

  • Find out how to get your proof of concept tested

  • Discover a successful and proven method to define your MVP

  • Get an understanding of the product design process

  • Learn how to decide on and tailor your pricing strategy for maximum success

  • Get help creating your first product roadmap and advice on how to pick the right format

  • Explore how to build a successful marketing strategy and set KPIs
Cover of the ebook "A Complete Guide To New Digital Product Development"
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